In 2016, the Crested Butte Board of Zoning and Architectural Review (BOZAR) awarded Project of the Year for a Rehabilitation to a Historic Home to the Pioneer Hotel Project for the rehabilitation, addition, and historic preservation work on the 1881 residential building. The Board commended Priscila Palhavã for the sensitivity to this unique historic structure, and the attention to detail in the rehabilitation on the project as a whole was greatly appreciated.  Each step along the way, Palhavã met with Town staff and representatives from the BOZAR to ensure that the path of rehabilitation was appropriate for this special building.  “Uncovering two different types of siding, maintaining as many of the historic windows as possible, the lower “cellar” door, and returning to the east elevation entry were all examples of the details you all took to help this building preserve its unique character.”  This is an iconic building in Crested Butte, as it sits atop the hill on Sopris Avenue.  According to the historic building survey, this building was built in 1881, as the Pioneer Apartment Hotel, and is one of the oldest in Crested Butte. Crested Butte founders, Howard Smith and George Holt, erected the building and the Spehar family acquired the building in 1926.